Frequently Ask Question FAQ

Dear visitor please note questions area is divided in to follow categories:

Customer Care

Q: What instructions customer should follows while buying online?

A: We pledged to provide excellent customer at our customer door step. Customers should follow following things:

·         If customers want to place telephonic order he / she should contact on the company number which is displayed on the website.

·         First ask the operator name for future reference.

·         Provide maximum information about your vehicle.

·         Make sure you are ordering the right part.

·         If any company sends you the website link and calling from different number to take an order please do not place the order.

·         Before placing an order always ask the company name.

·         At the end always ask the order number.

  General Level

Q: How Can I find the required part of my Car?

A: Please type make (toyota) >> model (Previa) >> Part name (abs pump) in the search area, automated text will start appearing.  By clicking the automated text the required part information will open.

Q: Can I find my required part by typing part number straight in?

A: Most of the genuine used parts you can find in our website by typing the part number only. For example By typing this part number 86280-53040 in the search field automated text will start appearing. By clicking on the automated text the information will appear on the next page.

Q: Can I find my required part by entering the chassis number?

A: Type the first six alphabets of chassis number in the search field all available part will appear.

Q: What should I do If I can’t find the required part of my car?

A: If you can’t find the required part of your car please fill in the enquiry form with your vehicle registration number or vehicle information For example make, model year engine size and chassis number of your car. We will find the right part for you at the cheapest possible rate.

Q: How I know the part will be compatible for my car?

A: Follow three simple steps: Match part number, Match the pictures, match the vehicle details and for 100 percent surety please contact to our technical team via email or phone.

Q: How I can choose the right part for my car?

A: Before making the final decision please contact our technical desk with vehicle registration or vehicle complete information

Q: Can I see all the parts of my cars on website?

A: Yes you can see all the parts of your car by typing your car name in the search field or enter the first six chassis alphabets of your car.

Q: What types of search are available in Website?

A: There are four types of search are available in the website. All of them are very simple. In first type only type the vehicle make, model part name and engine size automated text will start appear for you, in second type enter the part number which is the simplest, in third type enter first 6 character of your chassis number lastly search the part from categories.

Car Parts Related Issues

Q: Does all parts are in excellent condition?

A: We tried our level best to provide you the part in excellent condition but please note as these are used genuine parts so scratch are present on it.

Q: What is the mileage of auto parts?

A: Normally we prefer to keep those parts for customers which are very mileage to ovoid returns and loose our customers trust.

Q: How we believe that these parts are in perfect working order?

A: You can buy part with great confidence. All of our parts are fully tested and we have set up the automated system which runs the compatibility check.

Q: What is the Warranty of used parts?

A: Our all parts come with one month warranty which starts from the date of purchase.

Q: If the part which I have bought is not working what should I do?

A: Please contact us with in three working days in case of any problem via telephone or email.

Q: What if I received the wrong part from the company?

A: We pledge to provide excellent services to our customer. If customer receive wrong part from please contact us via email or telephone. It will company responsibility to arrange the collection of wrong part if the mistake is from the company end.

Q: What if customer ordered wrong part?

A: If Customer ordered wrong part then it is the customer responsibility to send that part to our return address. Before sending the wrong part must contact us via email or phone then our support will help you out. Please note write down the order reference number, reason of sending the part, your name, contact number and vehicle complete details with registration number.


Q: In how many days item can be dispatched?

A: It is our utmost effort to dispatch the item on same day if the order is placed before 12 o clock and payment is cleared.

Q: How customer knows his order has been processed?

A: We will provide you the order reference number and tracking number via email.

Q: If I do not receive the goods within three working days what should I do?

A: Please contact us as soon as possible and ask for tracking number.

Q: If I received the item and it is damaged?

A: Please do not accept the item from the delivery company. It will come back to us and if the replacement is available we will send it you with express delivery.

Q: What are delivery charges of UK?

A: Delivery charges depends upon the courier service we used for dispatching. Please note delivery charges for highland, Isle of Man are different except midland area. Customer has to pay extra postage according to parcel company rates.

Q: How I can calculate the delivery charges?

A: You can complete the order with standard delivery charges. If the delivery  charges will be low we contact you.

Q: What is time of delivering goods?

A: Parcel companies normally operate between 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Q: How I can resend the faulty or incompatible items?

A: Please contact us before sending the time we will send you form via email you need to fill it up and send back to us. All the instructions will be written in the form.

Q: What should I do if delivery was attempted and nobody was at home?

A: If this thing happens please contact us as soon as possible or a tracking number and contact number of the parcel company will be provided to you please contact the parcel company and rearrange the delivery.

Q: Where we deliver the goods?

A: Please note item will be delivered only to card registered address.

Q: Can I receive the item with express delivery or special delivery?

A: Yes you can receive the item with express delivery but you need to pay additional charges.

Q: What if I paid for special delivery and did not receive the item on time?

A: If this happens to you please contact us. We will fairly investigate the issue and refund the difference amount.

Q: What if my item is lost during transit?

A:  If the replacement will be available we will send you the replacement or process the refund for you.

Q: What about the abroad deliveries?

A: We always make every possible effort to deliver the goods as soon as possible to provide relief to our customer but please note abroad deliveries depend upon the parcel companies.

Q: Can customer arrange the collection himself?

A: Yes you can arrange the collection yourself if you like.

Q: Can we send the item on bank holidays?

A: We are extremely sorry we can’t send the item on bank holidays.

Q: What is company policy about delivery charges?

A: Our policy is customer oriented. We try our level best to provide you the cheapest shipping option.

Q: What is the standard delivery charge?

A: The standard delivery charge for the item is £10 but it can be vary from item to item.

Q: Can we offer combined delivery service?

A: Yes we offer combined delivery service if the items are small and less than 30 kg.

Q: What if the item is more than 30 kg?

A: If the item is more than 30 kg, then we use the TNT or pallet line parcel company. The charge for the bulky items varies depending upon their weight and volume.

Q: Do you offer collection service?

A: Yes we do offer the collection service but please note payment should be made online in this case delivery charges will be excluded.