Car Suspension Mounts Parts

What is a Suspension Mounts?
The suspension mounting in your car improves the link between the chassis and the shock absorber to give a smoother ride.

How does it work in cars or automobiles?
Suspension mounting plays a vital role to absorb all the bumps and vibrations while driving.

What are the most common problems in Suspension?
Suspension mounts become loose, worn or damaged with the passage of time.

How many suspension Mounts available in automobile?
Your car has two or four mounting points, depending on whether it has two- or four-wheel independent suspension.

How to diagnose Suspension Mounts problems?
Symptoms of a defective mount include poor handling, hard or noisy steering, instability when cornering and uneven wheel alignment.

How many types of Suspension Mounts used in the automobiles?
There are different shapes and quality available according to your requirement and type of your car and shock absorber.

What are most common causes of Suspension Mounts problems?
Being the part that absorbs all the bumps and vibrations while driving, the suspension mounting is put under intense strain and can become easily worn or damaged as a result

How to fix Suspension Mounts problem?
If worn or damaged, Suspension Mounts have to be replaced.

What is the location of Suspension Mounts in car?
It is located above the two front wheels, to either side of the motor, and, in the case of four-wheel independent suspension, also close to both rear wheel wells where the mounting meets the suspension.

How to find the replacement Suspension Mounts?
You have to provide basic information about your car like make, model, shape and year to find a suitable replacement. You also have to choice within different types and qualities, according to your need and requirement.