Car Exterior Trims

Automotive Exterior Trims:
Wheel Arch:
What is Car Wheel Arch?
 Wheel arch, forming an arch over the wheel, is a whole with shock absorber. 
What are the main functions of  Wheel Arch?
 Wheel arches are designed to improve the aerodynamics of a car, allowing the air to flow over the vehicle rather than becoming trapped in the bodywork. They can also be used to customize the appearance of a car. Wheel arches are an integral part of your car body work, so it’s important to replace damaged wheel arches as quickly as possible.
Define main faults of Wheel Arch?
Faults of wheel arches
•deformation of the part;
•metal fatigue;
•corrosion and oxidation of metals;
•damage to lockers and their fasteners;
•faulty side members;
•mechanical damage (cracks or holes).
Symptoms of wheel arches faults
•worn surface appearance of the wheel arch;
•knocking underneath the vehicle while driving;
•wheels knocking or creaking when cornering;
•increased noise level of the wheels during driving.
How to repair Wheel Arch?
 The main problem of all the wheel arches was corrosion, which appears because of the constant contact with water when it is bad weather. Moreover, wheel arch suffers a strong abrasive wear.
However, in modern cars wheel arch is processed with a special anti-corrosion solution at the plant. Therefore, there is no more need to process it with something else. This variant is ideal for car owners whose vehicles are operated continuously in bad weather conditions when the roads are processed with various chemical reagents. Often drivers glue plastic wheel arches with a damping material to reduce contact with numerous foreign objects. In addition to the wear and tear, the wheel arch can be damaged when installing other auto parts, such as on-mirror temperature sensor. To install it you need to remove the wheel arch. Stripping of wheel mounts can also be a big trouble for car owners. If you hear a loud vibrating sound of the wheels, it means that the wheel arch or its part is rubbing against the wheel and is the cause of this sound.
Mud Flap Or Mudguard:
What is Mud Flap or Mudguard?
A sheet of thin material that hangs behind a wheel of a vehicle and that stops mud and water from hitting the vehicle or other vehicles.
Define different types of Mud Flap or Mudguard?
Car mud flaps and SUV mud flaps come in two different models. The first is a molded mud flap that is designed specifically for your ride and contours to the wheel well. The second is a universal mud flap that is made for any vehicle type. 
Where is car Mud Flap or Mudguard located?
 Mud flaps can be large rectangular sheets suspended behind the tires, or may be small molded lips below the rear of the vehicle's wheel wells. Mudflaps can be aerodynamically engineered, utilizing shaping, louvers or vents to improve airflow and lower drag
What are the main functions of Car Mud Flap or Mudguard?
The tires and wheels of your vehicle are often partially submerged to mud and water particularly when driving off-road or in rainy driving conditions. When this happen, the centrifugal force will usually send mud, water, road debris and other elements flung out by the tires. These mud and debris are more likely to hit the body of your vehicle and may bring damage to its paint and finish. It could also strike the body of other vehicles on the road. Mounting mud guards is a simple yet helpful way that will keep your vehicle's body dirt-free and help reduce possible damages which can be caused by flying debris. 
Mud guards can make your vehicle more functional and attractive. Also known as mud flaps or splash guards, mud guards are responsible for keeping mud, water, slush, snow and road debris contained in the wheel well of the vehicle and not in the lower body panel. 
What are the main causes of Mud Flap or Mudguard?
 Most mud flaps are made of high-grade plastic while some are made of metal. It is essential that both rear and front tires be outfitted with mud flaps as road debris will be kicked up and small stones being thrown by the tires may cause scratches and other damages to vehicles and other vehicles from behind. Mud flaps are rather easy to install, but can sometimes prove to be a very messy and awkward process. Just a few bolts or screws are enough to hold the top of the mud flap firmly in place while the bottom edge remains unattached. 
What are the main precautions of Mud Flap or Mudguard?
The only name to remember when you're looking for Mud Flaps, Splash or Mud Guards, or any type of Anti-Splash protection for your pickup truck, sport utility, van or Jeep is UltimateFlap, Made with 100% United States quality materials and backed with a lifetime guarantee, Ultimate Mud Flaps are built to outlast your vehicle.
How to fix Mud Flap or Mudguard?
As you may know, road salts and debris may seriously start brewing damage on your vehicle's components. To significantly cut your car washing trips, heavy duty mud flaps make great valued investment. Custom mud flaps makes a heavy duty solution to keep your under chassis and car panels clean. Available for specific vehicle applications, it often carries your car manufacturer's logo that adds welcome accents to your car styling. With durable construction and consistently reliable performance, it minimizes the dirt and grime reaching through the under chassis which is a terrible hassle in car washing.